Artist Statement

 Abstract Statement

My artwork is a reflection of who I am. Each of my abstract paintings is the result of my daydreams expressed out loud.

Although I have been painting abstract for several years now, currently I have focused my efforts on reverse painting on plexi glass. This technique appeals to me because of the crispness of the colors and the honesty of the images created by this unique process. What is normally painted first on canvas is painted last on plexi and I do not see the final image until I can turn the painting over. To paint in this manner I have to trust in the choices of colors and composition while having to stay positive in my visualization. I have to be able to accept the serendipity of the creative process. My faith allows me to stay focused and follow these principles. I strive to reach a level of surrender that allows me to stay free from the insecurities that could inhibit the inner thoughts from coming out in my paintings.

You Silly Bird Statement

Do you ever wonder who is watching who?  Are birds actually people watchers themselves?  Camouflaged in trees, perched along highway wires or just sitting outside the window I often wonder if birds take breaks from their busy lives to study us similar to the way humans go “bird watching”.

My fascination with what birds are thinking started while sitting in traffic with my now 24 year old son when he was very young.  To occupy his active mind we would often make up stories about how they might interact with us and mused at what their conversations between each other must be like.  These stories were the inspiration for a fun series of paintings called Egg Belly Birds that hung in my son’s room for years.

Fast forward 20 years with life adding another son, school activities, my art taking an abstract direction, side tracked by two bouts with cancer and a lifesaving bone marrow transplant  I decided that I wanted to express my gratitude for life by sharing positive energy and making people smile.  You Silly Bird is a sophisticated rebirth of that original relationship with our feathered friends.  Each painting represents someone that has touched my life in some way and my hope was to be able to illustrate the characteristics and qualities that make each person dear to me.  I hope that you enjoy my flock of friends and family and will watch it grow.

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